Apron with ethnic embroidery, Unisex, Unisize, Two front pockets, Extra-long waist-ties, Adjustable strap


This long and comfy apron is an interpretation of classic Bulgarian symbols which stand for creativity, family and protection.

It is made of sturdy cotton material, has a real cotton embroidery right at the chest level and includes two comfy front pockets and an adjustable neck strap.

Wash at 40 degrees Celsius. Wash separately from other textiles during the first wash.

The embroidery on this apron is placed at the chest level: our ancestors believed that this acts as a protection mechanism for the heartand throat energy centers.

Features and care instructions
• Two handy front pockets
• Extra-long waist-ties that can easily wrap around the front
• Adjustable neck strap - to be shortened or lengthened to your liking
• Unisex and Unisize
• Fabric: cotton
• Machine wash at max temperature 40º