Reusable Produce Bags Set (5 Pack) | Ethno-inspired | Un-dyed Raw Cotton | Washable | Biodegradable | Eco-friendly | for Ethical Shopping


Undyed Raw Cotton, Biodegradable, Internal pockets and sections

Shop ethically with our reusable produce bags. This pack of 5 bags features 4 bags for fruits, vegetables and nuts and a large shopping bag with six pockets.

Making ethical purchasing decisions includes conscious choosing of the personal items you need, buying foods that require less or no packaging, and being mindful about your health, the health of others, and the health of our planet.

Our reusable ethnic-inspired cotton tote can be used for grocery shopping, as a gym bag, and as a lightweight urban tote. Featuring 6 pockets inside, it allows you to stay organized and to be a conscious consumer. Need more ideas on how to use it? Stroll in style around town: store your purse, sunglasses, cosmetic items and all the things you need for your urban adventures!

You can use the three medium breathable bags (1x size L, 2 x size M) to hold your fruits and veggies. Get rid of the plastic bags when you go grocery shopping. The small bag can be used to store oats, candy or nuts. Again, no plastic required.

 These bags are so functional - you can use them as a storage bag for almost anything.
They are breathable and made from an all-natural fabric.
Here are just a few of the many possibilities:
• Picking herbs 
• Storing shoes 
• Storing books and stationary 
• Dressing your plant pots 
• Protecting a small laptop from scratches 

This pack consists of:
• 1х Shopping bag with 6 pockets inside 39 x 37 x 20 cm
• 1х Grocery bag Size L: 44 x 30 cm
• 2х Grocery bag Size M: 30 x 25 cm
• 1х Grocery bag Size S: 20 x 17 cm

Features and care instructions:
• Large and sturdy
• Hand-crafted construction
• Lightweight and easily packable
• Machine washable: Gentle cycle (30°C + hang dry). Note that the bags are
made of cotton fabric and slight shrinking is possible after a laundry spin cycle.

Washable, biodegradable, large and sturdy!

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